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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 21, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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our masterpiece. call claire. call claire! [heartbeat]
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happening now a tense man hunt in oakland after a gunman shoots and wounds an undercover police officer. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> and i'm julie haener, frank somerville is off tonight.
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a gunman shot and wounded an undercover police officer tonight. the search for the gunman is heating up right now. noelle walker is live on seminary and 17th where officers have now quardened off the area. >> reporter: i'm going step out of the way so you can see what i see. there's an offer about a half a block down with an officer with his door open and armed. the police chief talked to the media within the last hour. here's what we know right now. we have seen officers with guns drawn. this is an active man hunt right now for two suspects believed to still be in the area. one person believed to be a suspect is right now being held by police. the highway patrol is helping with some air support. b.a.r.t. police officers are helping in this investigation as well.
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now just before 6:30 tonight, an undercover oakland police officer was in this area following up on a shooting from yesterday. someone shot at that officer and he was hit in the arm. police say his injury is not life threatening but the chief is warning this east oakland community that the suspects are armed and dangerous. >> obviously with an incident like this, with two armed and dangerous situations still outstanding we want to cast a wide net. because we want to make sure that the community does not suffer any injuries as a result of this. we want to make sure to be very diligent and conducting a very thorough and comprehensive search for these two victims. >> reporter: the officer who was hit by a bullet in the arm is at the hospital taken there by ambulance. not life threatening injuries. we're told by the police chief seminary from about 17th maybe a block or so beyond that. all the way down for another
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six blocks is closed off as well as another couple of blocks in either direction from seminary while they take this man hunt from block to block. again police on every corner on every street that we've seen. ambulances at the ready. also with fire trucks at the ready and again, at least one armoured car here in the middle of seminary right now with officers guns at the ready. this is an active man hunt right now. the police chief did tell me that there are no evacuation orders in place at the moment. but that could change if things change in this man hunt. we will keep you updated throughout the newscast if the circumstances change. reporting live in oakland, noelle walker, ktvu news. now to our continuing coverage of president obama's second inauguration. after the speech making the president and first lady celebrated tonight after two official balls. here they dance as jennifer hudson sings the al green song
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let's stay together. >> ♪ >> for the second inauguration, president oe baa -- obama decided to have just two inauguration balls instead of the 10 from his first term. ken pritchett join us and tells us what the president said as he began his second term. >> reporter: the president was officially sworn in yesterday. today's swearing in was a ceremonial event. a public swearing in before by one estimate perhaps more than 1 million people. on a relatively mild and blue sky day president obama and the first lady took the traditional walk down pennsylvania avenue to the white house and to her second term. some waits houred.
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>> i breathe the air that obama breathes so it was worth it. >> reporter: the president took the oath of office just after noon today before a crowd that filled the national mall as far as the eye could see. mr.obama spoke about a nation on the mend. >> a decade of war is now ending. an economic recovery has begun. >> reporter: the president said this country will respond to the threat of climate change. >> some may still deny the overwhelming challenge of science but no one can avoid the crippling fire, droughts and more powerful storms. >> reporter: speaking on martin luther king day president obama made history by using the word gay and saying that -- the
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president, vice president and families at journaled for the congressional lunch before the walk . >> i'm very encouraged. >> reporter: in of the people we talked to today in the crowd said this felt like a very different experience than the inauguration four years ago. coming up we'll tell you why they said that and take you into the crowd during the inauguration and parade. the inauguration also featured the first latino, the first gay and the youngest person ever to serve as the inaugural poet. >> and always one moon like a silent drum tapping on every rooftop and every window of one country, all of us facing the stars. hope. >> miami poet is the son of cuban exile. the poem was called one today
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and illustrated how americans share common experiences. blanco also remembered the victims of the newtown school shootings. former republican presidential candidate mitt romney and his supporters had hoped this would be his day. romney had kept a fairly low profile since he lost the election. he spent his home today in his home in la hoya. romney did make it to the white house in november for a private lunch. romney's running game, congressman paul ryan tweeted a message for the president. i congratulate president obama on his inauguration and i join the country celebrating this american tradition. and on you can watch more of today's inauguration including beyonce performing the national anthem. just look for the special tab right on our front page. a man who narrowly missed being hit by gunfire at a check cashing and cell phone store describes a brazen robbery attempt. >> give me the money, give me
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the money. >> reporter: pablo castillo works at the cellular store. the surveillance cameras caught this suspect as they say he demanded money. the people inside escaped to a room with bullet-proof glass. castillo says the suspect's single gunshot narrowly missed his boss. >> she goes down like this to close the door and the bullet crossed over. >> reporter: here's another look at the man in the surveillance video. police are asking for your help in trying to identify this suspect. a stubborn fire is burning tonight in yuba county. base officials say the flames and dense smoke heavily damaged a building that houses the civil engineering squadron. one person was inside but was safely evacuated.
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a firefighter is being treated for minor injuries there's no word tonight on what caused this fire. now to our continuing coverage of the 49ers advance to the super bowl. the team store opened up an hour earlier this morning. of course many would also love to score tickets and show off their new purchases at the big game in about two weeks. win or lose the super bowl is bound to bring fans into the streets of san francisco and that's something police are already planning for. ktvu's debra villalon is live now in the city where the world is going out, party peacefully, deborah. >> reporter: we're looking at the ferry building it is glowing red. people spill into the streets sunday as the 49ers win their
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super bowl berth. it looked a lot like when the giants won the world series. >> it's in the works at this time to ensure that we cover all the bases. >> reporter: planning at sfpd is already underwaeup for super bowl sunday. unlike yesterday it will be dark when the game ends which is a factor. >> when it's at nighttime, people tend to drink a little bit more. >> reporter: as fans cruise there will be a multitude of officers on hand looking for drunk and dangerous behavior. last night a dozen arrests were made. most for public intoxication. but with bigger crowds and a bigger celebration, comes a bigger risk to munni. vandals on market street set this bus on fire destroying it
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after the last giant's championship. they took after another one in the marina. a lesson learned. >> by learning from them the police department takes proactive steps to make sure everyone is safe in san francisco. >> fire was here at the corner. >> reporter: for merchants in the middle of the world series mess yesterday's sirens were a reminder and they're bracing once again. >> again we're hoping for the best. >> reporter: and here's a look back at the scene 18 years ago. the 49ers last super bowl. that celebration did result in violence. two people shot and about 50 arrested. reporting live in san francisco, debra villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. investors will be closely watching google tomorrow afternoon. the mountain view company is expected to report its fourth quarter earnings. analysts expect google to report earnings of the more
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than 10 million dollars. and profits of $8 a share. google is the first of the silican valley giants to report. apple is expected to announce wednesday. then netflix which is expected to report a loss. i'll have what you can expect tomorrow morning and why it's time to dig out the umbrella. >> coach harbaugh talks about the 49ers big win and the historic nature of the super bowl match up that he calls both a blessing and a curse. >> a dozen vehicles were stolen from this car lot. we'll show you what these surveillance cameras were able to capture and how the thieves were able to carry out their crime.
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alameda county sheriff deputies are taking a close look at surveillance video tonight after a dozen automobiles disappeared from a used car lot. ktvu's amber lee is live in an unincorporated area with a new look at that surveillance video. >> reporter: we're at auto works a family used car lot. a dozen vehicles were stolen from here. the owner tells me he hopes surveillance video will help catch the thieves. this video shows three people running up to the office wearing beanies. the owners tell us the thieves stole files and a lock box contains keys to all the vehicles on the lot.
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>> we pretty much lock it. >> reporter: he shows us where the thieves first got on to the property. they broke the lock at the gate. >> i don't know where the lock is at the moment. the lock went here. >> reporter: kerry says the thieves broke in about 1:30 this morning and they returned several time during the next hour to drive a dozen vehicles off the lot. >> just shock, more shock than anything else. >> reporter: the break-in was discovered by a family member who came to open the dealership this morning. >> it's not right for what they did. we started this place with basically nothing and everybody is trying to make a living. we're trying to survive. >> reporter: cls 550, her --
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mercedes. >> reporter: another family member showed us the pictures of the vehicles they took. >> this is my life, this is my living, this is the way i provide food on the table. >> reporter: investigators will be looking over the surveillance video but so far no one has been arrested. >> reporter: marin county authorities say they're pleased with tonight's gun surrender program. because guns were depleted at the first event people turning in guns did not receive any cash or vouchers. still they collected about 30 weapons. including one semi automatic. >> people who wanted to get rid of them and didn't know what to do with them. we're approaching them from a no questions asked basis.
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>> reporter: at the first even, the county picked up more than 100 guns. the district attorney's officer says they hope to pay on those vouchers by march 15th. algeria's prime minister reported that 25 militants died. the algerian military retook it on saturday. two of the americans who died were from texas and the third is reportedly from oregon. thousands of people including governor jerry brown attended today's funeral for a police officer from galt killed in the line of duty. police say 35-year-old kevin tonn was shot by a man he encountered while investigating
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a robbery, the man then killed himself. 100 canine units were among those paying their respects. tonn's cousin and fellow officer spoke about his cousin. >> one of the first things i heard his dad said what kind of counseling will be made to the suspect's family. >> reporter: yaro a german shepherd was allowed inside the church for today's ceremony. san francisco 49ers head coach jim harbaugh met with the press today clearly please with the prospect of playing in the super bowl as robert handa reports, harbaugh understands much of the pregame hype will be about him and his big brother. >> hello. >> how are you doing. >> good to see everybody back. >> reporter: coach harbaugh was in a good mood as he arrived. he said the team had a happy flight home after their come
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from behind victory. coach harbaugh showed just how happy as he mentioned his players, including his quarterback kaepernick. >> just the ground he covered it reminds me of me when i run then i wake up. >> reporter: harbaugh also seemed resigned to the fact that much of the super bowl hype will focus on the relationship with his brother john the coach of the baltimore ravens. jim harbaugh called it a blessing and a curse. >> you know the curse part would be that you know the talk of you know two brothers playing in the super bowl and what that takes away from the players that are in the game. >> reporter: despite jim harbaugh's attitude some fans at the 49er camp today told us they consider the sibling contest historic. >> we were hoping all year that this was going to happen, the harbaugh bowl. when is this going to happen
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again? the brothers? never. >> reporter: harbaugh emphasizeed the two brothers love each other but don't plan to talk much just exchange text messages until after the became. robert handa, ktvu news. the doors of san francisco's new $68 million jazz center opened today for the first time. >> ♪ the brass bands played while guests toured the new sf jazz center on franklin street. it's a center that feature as 700 seat auditorium plus classrooms and office space. a concert is set for this wednesday but there are plenty more in the days ahead with tickets still available. as we settle in for the evening it is a chilly night outside our doors, 39 in napa, 36 in fairfield. upper 30s walnut creek, 40s around the bay. san francisco checking in right
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around 52, sfo50. notice the shade of gray, high clouds over the area. that will help to insulate us just a bit in the overnight hours. so while i do expect we're going to be chilly again tomorrow morning, perhaps not as cold as we started this morning. a live look here at storm tracker 2. this is the system that is going to bring big changes to the area. we're going to be cloudy, we're going to be cooler an as we get into wednesday, rain is going to begin falling over at least parts of the north bay and it looks like the central bay will get some rain as well. tomorrow going to be sort of the transition day. tomorrow going to be a nice day. we'll start out with a little bit of patchy fog. perhaps a little bit of patchy frost. around our inland areas, 30s to mid-40s around the bay. partly cloudy for your afternoon. and slightly cooler temperatures for your afternoon. again wednesday will be the day that we see wet weather i'm going to show you that future rain forecast model and have a sneak peak into the weekend coming up.
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california highway patrol blame black ice for several collusions in contra costa county. a second vehicle collided head on with another car. and a third accident involved a rear end crash. the accidents happened before 8:00 this morning. fortunately no injuries were reported. investigators say water run off from a sprinkler system likely created the black ice. a deal is struck to sell a northern california sports team. the one long shot still remaining that could prevent the kings from leaving sacramento. we are just minutes away from bay area youth taking to this very stage to slam gun violence in honor of dr. martin luther king. there's this island -- and it's got super-cute kangaroos.
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will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. i have a dream. dr. martin luther king is being honored today almost 50 years after he spoke to memorable words. it was one of the most inspirational moments for civil rights. dr.king is being honored for using his words to bring change. heather holmes was in the audience and tells us there was something different this year, heather. >> reporter: julie just as the program says here, tonight's event promoted no guns in light of the killings at sandy hook elementary, and the sold out crowd embraced that message. >> this battle will never be won until we all get free. >> reporter: before she took to the stage in front of 1,000
10:27 pm
people, 20-year-old jade cho shared privately with us her pointian poem. >> but it's raise every voice and speak a new world into being. >> reporter: cho was one of two dozen young performers who honored king's legacy through music and the spoken word. >> tomorrow nobody will care. >> reporter: tonight's theme mainly focused on gun violence. >> we're asking people to really speak about that on a day where we celebrate someone who so much believed in nonviolence. a lot of young people are growing up in violent circumstances. >> reporter: two # 2-year-old donte clark says he has seen the impact of gun violence in his neighborhood. and tatiana told us about a
10:28 pm
classmate that met his fate through the barrel of a gun. the nation looks back on a man who strived to overcome our challenges. >> they'll see how beautiful i am and be ashamed, i too am america. >> reporter: ken and julie it really was a very powerful and moving tribute to the the slain leader. ktvu news. a new report from the u.s. department of education shows the high school education rate in the united states is the highest in almost 40 years. 78% of students are finishing on time. that's the best number since 1976. but 20% are not able to finish high school in four years. in california 405,000 students graduated in 2010 and almost 93,000 dropped out. the california drop out rate of 5% is higher than the national average. sacramento mayor kevin
10:29 pm
johnson has one last chance to keep the sacramento kings from leaving town. the nba has confirmed that the maloof brothers have agreed to sell the kings to a seattle based investment group. sacramento has just a couple of months to make a counter offer before the nba meeting and signs off on the deal. they also plan to reinstate seattle super sonics. we've been hanging on to the house i guess for probably going on two years now wanting to sell. >> a big shift in the bay area real estate market. >> but first we'll go back to the nation's capital. the key difference between today's inauguration compared to four years ago.
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more now of our coverage of president obama's historic second inauguration. ken pritchett is live where he caught up with some bay area residents who took in the festivities. >> reporter: there's been much talk about how fewer people attended president obama's inauguration this time around and this is true. what is also true is that today we witnessed a ware and remarkable sight as a seat of people -- witnessed a rare and remarkable sight. >> i barack hussein obama do solemnly swear. >> reporter: the crowd had to find their way to the national mall. navigating around motorcades and bus caravans, lines were long but this inauguration experience was different than four years ago. >> i can say this one is inty
10:33 pm
infinitely better, it was a lot colder. >> it's a different number of people. it wasn't as many people as it was before. but the feel s-g still amazing, full of -- but the feeling still amazing, full of hope. >> reporter: the motorcades that coursed to the white house by way of pennsylvania avenue with the president and first lady walking as is traditional part of the way. san francisco resident drew griffin was there to catch the moment on camera. >> i saw him get out for a second, wave and get back in. >> reporter: one thing that was clear about this inauguration is that the scale of the events were smaller than four years ago. there were smaller crowds and fewer official in inaugural night events. there were only two inaugural events attended by the
10:34 pm
president and first lady compared to 10 four years ago. people watched a live broadcast at the bay view opera house. people from the neighborhood and other parts of the bay area gathered to watch president obama's faith in america's future speech. one woman says the president's speech gives her hope for the future. >> there's hope there's going to be a change coming and i have faith that it's going to be better for us. i mean you know i'm not just saying, i'm talking about the whole country is going to be better. >> reporter: she said she came to the oprah house to celebrate both the inauguration and the holiday in honor of dr. martin luther king jr. as millions of people attempted to tweet their thoughts about the president's address. twitter stopped working for many. there are reports that problems
10:35 pm
occurred for many people using google chrome and fox. people using apps for iphones and i pads were okay. twitter acknowledged the problem on a status blog at around 2:00 and said engineers are working to address any issues. as ktvu's patti lee reports real estate boom times may be on their way back. >> reporter: karen soon of san francisco house hunts with her realtor worried she missed her window of opportunity. >> we waited so long to buy but now it's kind of discourages because the prices are going up. >> reporter: zilo says home values are up 15% over the past year in part because supply is limited. >> it's not of the norm now to have to go over officers because in a lot of situations there's multiple people bidding. >> reporter: 12% of san francisco homeowners are still
10:36 pm
under water but hoping to stop threading soon. >> we've been holding on to the house for going on two years now wanting to sell. >> reporter: 2012 could be another good year. vilo confirms home prices will continue to increase. possibly 10% in san francisco county. no one guessed san francisco's housing market would bounce back so quickly from its low. >> there's no way for any of us to predict the future. >> realtor lisa cartilano says zilo's numbers are not always on the mark. >> they're general, they're not local. real estate the always on the local market. >> reporter: she worries that a new boom would have people buy too quickly and hope that is the lessons of the not so distant past are not forgotten. patti lee. real estate may be bouncing back but soaring rents may
10:37 pm
finally be slowing down. average rental rates were unchanged in the fourth quarter of 2012. in the south bay rents actually fell slightly. family, friends and colleagues are mourning the death of two san francisco men who died during a vacation to hawaii. it happened along the rugged north shore of kauai last friday. the two were walking down the beach when a wave swept them out to see. friends describe griffith as a man who was always willing to help. >> anyone in trouble or having a hard time at work he was always the first one to help you out. it didn't surprise me he died a hero. >> reporter: baker was a creative spirit who would light up a room with a dream. hawaii authorities were able to retrieve griffith's body on
10:38 pm
friday but they are still looking for baker. the idea behind a new proposal to demolish part of interstate 280 before it reaches the south of market neighborhood. >> cooler wet weather is on its way to the bay area. i'm tracking it for you coming up. s.w.a.t. team activity in east oakland as a man hunt continues for two suspects of three suspects who believe to have shot and injured an oakland police officer. we'll have details coming up. ] ring. ring. progresso.
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happening now, we want to take you back to oakland where a search is still under way for a gunman who shot and wounded an undercover police officer. that officer was shot in the arm. noelle walker is still on the scene with the update.
10:41 pm
>> reporter: this is still a very active scene right now. we have police still on every corner on every street. you can see an officer and s.w.a.t. team there. we have seen the s.w.a.t. team on the move. we shot this video just about 10 or 15 minutes ago. we have seen s.w.a.t. team officers moving back and forth in this area about a half a block from where we are. they are looking for two suspects believed to have shot an undercover oakland police officer who was following up on a shooting that happened yesterday. now that officer left by ambulance with a gunshot wound to the arm. the police chief tells us that injury is not life threatening. this man hunt has been going on now for more than four hours. along about a six hour swath of seminary in east oakland right now. we have helicopters over head. police on the ground right now and now we see the s.w.a.t. team out there in the distance appearing to be moving in in mass. so, a lot of activity here just
10:42 pm
in the last 15 minutes. after several hours of kind of status quos and officers holding their ground, but other than seeing officers with guns drawn pointing at specific areas, not a lot of movement until just the last 15 minutes. so again this is all in search for two of three suspects suspected of shooting an undercover oakland police officer who has nonlife threatening injuries. one of the suspects is currently being held right now. reporting live in oakland, noelle walker. brentwood police are in investigating a drive by shooting that sent three teenagers to the hospital. police say the four young people were standing in front of a house when someone fired at them from a passing car. the victims ranged in age from 13 to 16 years old. authorities say each suffered serious but nonlife threatening gunshot wounds.
10:43 pm
no arrests have been made. a proposal is being discussed in san francisco to tear down part of a freeway. the idea is to demolish part of interstate 280 south of market street from 16th street to the king street ramp near at -- near at&t park. san francisco mayor ed lee transit planner says it would create more open space for a new neighborhood and could facilitate the arrival of high speed rail service. others say it just makes sense. >> economically studies have found that the more freeways and freeway like streets are in central cities, the worse off they do economically. as of now the idea is just that. an idea. demolition is along way away and it requires planning first and of course money. federal aviation officials are set to conduct tests tomorrow on a battery that may be causing problems on 787 dream liner. seven dream liners were
10:44 pm
grounded last week after a smolder investigators want to look at the battery charger. tomorrow's tests will take place at the tucson headquarters of the charger's manufacturer. an airline pilot aborts take off tonight. >> signs at ocean beach warn about the dangerous water conditions. today a surfer learn about them firsthand. the dramatic rescue and why fire fights say the man shouldn't have been out in the first place. and rosemary orozco is tracking the rain. she's back with her forecast. you can't move the tv there.
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in news of the world tonight in afghanistan -- a taliban assault on traffic police headquarters in kabul lasted for nine hours, at least
10:47 pm
three suicide bombers and three police officers were killed. a taliban spokesman said the police facility was targeted because its run by foreign military forces. this was the second large scale attack in kabul in less than a week. britain's prince harry is safely out of afghanistan. the british ministry of defense says he has returned from a five month deployment as an apache helicopter pilot. in an interview he was asked if he had killed anyone from the cockpit and harry responded yes he had, as well as others. and in the philippines a on a reef. ind sweeper is still the u.s. and the philippine government are together to talk about how to remove it. there is damage to the corral reef. the uss guardian ran aground
10:48 pm
last thursday. the uss found that it was using the wrong graph. as jana katsuyama, news chopper 2 was overhead as the drama unfolded. >> reporter: the call for help came around 11:45 this morning. news chopper 2 flew over head as police tried to reach a surfer who was stranded below the cliff house. officials say the man had been out surfing with a friend when he began cramping up. >> he had climbed up the rock and didn't think he was able to swim to shore. >> reporter: the water was too rough and the rocks too dangerous to get close enough. a rescue helicopter was still 40 minutes away so four fire department swimmers said they would go out in the cold choppy water and attempt the rescue. they told the surfer to jump, he plunged back into the water. rescuers swam over and helped
10:49 pm
him to the boat. >> he was just tired. >> had he been out there very long? >> maybe half an hour. >> reporter: fire officials say the man was a novice just learning to surf on a weekend when even veterans kept an eye on the waves. >> it's not a good day for a beginner. >> reporter: during the weekend they did have five ocean water rescues and they say that today the sixth shows just how important it is for people to have a partner when they're out in the water in case they get in trouble. in san francisco, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. the pilot of a southwest airlines plane upon take off entered a warning light. a spokeswoman for the denver airport says the tire blow out is not so unusual in such a
10:50 pm
prompt stop. southwest also announced a new boarding option today but as you might guess it has an additional fee. customers can now pay $40 to jump to the front of the line on day of travel. the option is available for purchase at the gate, 45 minutes before departure. the fee was tested at the san diego airport last month. on the heels of another beautiful day. temperatures outside our door right now cooling off quite a bit. we are just a few degrees from freezing and some areas will be cool once again into the overnight hours. we want to point out the last five hours we've watched high clouds slip over the bay area. this will offset the cooling tomorrow morning. i expect we'll still be chilly in many places just not as cold as this morning. the patchy fog will be with us. expect that tomorrow morning perhaps tomorrow morning going to be the first business day of
10:51 pm
the week for you. on the back edge here we have rain on the way. for tomorrow minor changes and cooler, cloudier weather with rain provided in time for your wednesday. also want to point out this system here off of the coast of baja california. the models want to tap into subtropical moisture. that will help define how many rain we get on thursday. tuesday afternoon high clouds associated with that system i showed you a moment ago. we hold off on any rain until wednesday. wednesday morning looks like the morning drive is going to be a okay. we will be mostly gray but mostly dry. it's 25 now and it looks like the rain is edging into sonoma county. the models actually had this dropping a little farther, a little earlier so it looks like it will slow down a little bit. still not widespread but we the have a few scattered showers over the south bay and into the east bay and over the north
10:52 pm
bay as well. perhaps some of that subtropical moisture being pulled in. 3:00 still dealing with light rain and as we get into the evening hours it's going to push east and we will be dry by thursday. not expecting a lot of rain. the north bay will see the most of it any where from .1 to .2. central bay any where from a few .1 to .2 and the farther south you go the less you're going to get. perhaps a few .01, maybe .1. 30s to mid-40s around the bay. 2-9d degree in fairfield. afternoon highs for tomorrow under high clouds and soft sunlight 52 degrees in novato. 64 in san francisco, 66 gilroy, 70 degrees expected in santa cruz. another day for tomorrow. tomorrow sort of the transition day and the bigger changes will
10:53 pm
come on wednesday. we showed you that big change. we have big weather. we need it. we'll have it. thursday into friday we'll be drying out then the weekend looks a little cool, a little unsettled so we'll continue to track that. >> we need it and we will have it. >> you got it. a helping hand deep under water. the incredible encounter between a diver and some dolphins.
10:54 pm
10:55 pm
10:56 pm
some divers in hawaii have released video of a remarkable encounter with a bottle nose dolphin. the dolphin swam up to the diver who says they then noticed fishing line wrapped around the pectoral fin. when it was free it swam away. >> that's amazing. we have two weeks to talk about the 49ers. >> yeah, and talk about the bro, super bro. and harbaugh i'm sure is going to shut down all this brother talk soon because he says the
10:57 pm
match up is against the players. kaepernick completed 16 of 21 passes for 233 yards and one touchdown. and as a former nfl quarterback, jim doesn't hide his feelings either. >> the word we used a couple of weeks ago is piercing with his throws. accurate and has the ability to drive the ball through the defense. >> and it wasn't as big of a spectacle as the super bowl but the harbaughs already became the first brothers to coach against each other in an nfl game. way back in thanksgiving night in 2011. older brother john won that game and john says the second match up is really no big deal. >> i mean is it really going to be written about? it's not exactly like churchill and roosevelt or anything. it's pretty cool. that's as far as it goes. >> just like colin kaepernick runs, the gracefulness of his
10:58 pm
stride, the ground that he covers, it reminds me of me when i run. and then i wake up. >> i watch his media things i just laugh. because some people take him seriously. you know they actually think that some of that stuff is serious and he's having fun you know. and he's just being himself. he's the same guy, what you see is what you get. >> the l.a. clippers have lost just 10 times in 42 game this is season. three of those 10 losss from the hands of the golden state warriors. maybe kids with the warriors caps will also seen a game soon. the l.a. clippers came in with the second best record in the nba. he's off to the races, richard jefferson draws the foul. turns that into a three point game. that's when curry steps up. curry scored 16 of his 28 in
10:59 pm
the third quarter. he made six three-pointers in the second half. he also had 10 assists. here's one here to curry for the clencher. yes, warriors win. curry and company. that's sports. >> fred, thank you. >> thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> the ktvu news will have the latest on a man search after a police officer was shot and wounded tonight. good night. oh! progress-oh!


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